School Participation

Step-by-step guidelines are as follows:

  • Nominate a Teacher as an in-charge for the competition for Registration and subsequent follow ups.
  • Display the poster in the School notice board. Make an announcement to the students.
  • The Teacher in-charge will register the name of the participants and also collect the fees of Rs.50/- per student per competition.
  • Students of classes/standard I, II, III, IV are eligible for Category A, Student of classes/standard V, VI, VII & VIII are eligible for Category B and Students of classes IX, X, XI & XII are eligible for Category C. There should be a minimum of 20 participants in any given category.
  • If the management wants to take the parent’s consent, an application form with a message to the parents is available. These forms can be ordered through email or telephone from
  • The competition will be conducted in the respective school premises itself. The date of the competition can be decided according to the convenience of the School Management.
  • The last day for Submission of the evaluation sheet by the school to us is 10th September 2018.
  • Competition Rules are as follows: The Medium of competition will be English/Hindi/Marathi. The duration of the competition is for 20 minutes for handwriting & 30 minutes for essay writing. The same evaluation sheet shall be assessed for 1st 2 rounds. Subsequently, selected students shall appear for district championship.

The assessment of the competition evaluation sheet will be in three rounds. They are:

Round 1

This round is in among the students of an individual school. The first 3 best performers in every school, in each Category, will be awarded Champ of the School Certificate and Medal. All the students will receive Participation Certificates.

Round 2

Students who qualify in the Round 1 are eligible for Round 2. The winners of 1st round shall be evaluated for inter school competition. The first 3 best performers of the inter school level, in each Category, shall be awarded Champ of the City Trophy, a Certificate and Gift Hamper.

Round 3

Students who qualify in the Round 2 are eligible for Round 3. The first 3 best performers, in each Category, in the District will be awarded Champ of the District Trophy, a Certificate and Gift Hamper worth of Rs. 3000/- in each category.